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“All of this led to a vision to create a beautiful, smoothing, blurring, skin-texture-evening, bounce-creating, cushiony finish – and here’s the catch – that also actively combats things like pollution-damage and is good for your skin. That’s the dream — having a primer that makes your skin look beautifully smooth right away but also improves your skin from within over time.”

Meet Ms. Kim Woo Kyung who leads Product Development for Mizon. She is one of those rare individuals who can take something abstract as it remains a clinical and scientific detail, and translate it into a delightful product that smells good, feels good and makes your skin, well, obscenely radiant. I tried some of her latest launches and couldn’t understand how my sleep-deprived, jet-lagged skin could actually glow.

100% natural ingredients

It’s no secret that natural or “clean” beauty has blown up in recent years. Consumers care about non-toxic ingredients and are making a conscious effort to pay close attention to harmful chemicals commonly found in makeup products, like parabens, that could be wreaking havoc on their bodies. But let’s be really really real: What does “natural beauty” even mean anymore? Increased demand for clean, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients has, sadly, caused brands to use suspicious marketing tactics, slapping “natural” and “organic” labels on their products without legitimate certifications, which is problematic.

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